Wednesday - Ouzi

Wednesday - Ouzi

40 AED
Al Khalidiyah, Abu Dhabi City, Abu Dhabi, UAE

- ouzi ingredients: • rice cooked with peas and nuts wrapped in dough and baked with grilled m...

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Sajway Restaurant

Sajway Restaurant

40 AED
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From mezzeh to popular lamb dishes, Lebanese food has become one of the region’s most popular cuisines. Traditionally the Lebanese culture is heavily centered on generous, warm hospitality and this undoubtedly reflects in their food. Within a Lebanese household, the tradition is as follows ‘food is love’, and sharing it with everyone is a beautiful experience in life. Abundance is no stranger to the Lebanese dinner table, and the rich variety of plates is plentiful and all equally delicious. Each meal in its own is an experience, from the appetizers, traditionally known as ‘mezzehs’ that commonly include salads and dips to the sweet delicacies of their flawless desserts.

While Lebanese food has its own flair and pays homage to their culture, they have also adopted various influences from other nations into their diet. Such influences were introduced during the period of the Ottoman Turks, hosting a vast selection of stuffed vegetables (mahshe’), olive oil, and even baklava. French cuisine was later influenced due to France taking control of the country and introducing a variety of their nation’s palette. Some of the worlds most loved dishes in French cuisine such as fluffy croissants, caramel and custard filled desserts, pies, and tarts quickly became a part of the dishes we adore today. Popularity of lamb was also introduced by the French and has since become a fundamental staple in their diet.

With a vast selection of meals, Lebanese food is considered one of the world’s freshest and most delectable cuisines. With an almost vegan-friendly array of dishes, the average Lebanese meal consists of compensating a large portion of meat with bread, rice, vegetables and fruit. However, one of the chief components in Lebanese main dishes is Lamb and is the popular choice of meat throughout the cuisine along with poultry. From traditional to modern dishes, Lamb is used throughout the cuisine in various meals such as traditional ‘Kibbeh’ which is essentially ground lamb/beef, bulgur and minced onions, to a more contemporary gratin with minced lamb.

It’s no secret that Lebanese food is enriched with vibrant flavors and textures that dance around your tongue. So it comes as no surprise that the average Lebanese dish is not complete without the essential flavors of the cuisine: garlic, olive oil and lemon. Moreover, the diet avoids thick sauces and is heavily centered on spices and herbs with seasonings such as: cinnamon, nutmeg, parsley and mint being quintessential.

With an abundant selection of fruits in Lebanon, dessert choices don’t fall short with apples, oranges, melons and grapes, to name a few, flocking the table after dinner. Baklava a flaky, sweet filo pastry inspired by the Turks and Greeks, proves to be another popular choice and is often drenched in nuts and orange or rose-water syrup for a sensational finish.

Some of the countries most popular dishes from different regions have transcended over Middle Eastern borders and are even loved in the West and Far East. Kafta is one of the nation’s favourite foods and has influenced various Middle Eastern cuisines. Onions and breadcrumbs are kneaded in the beef/lamb meatballs and seasoned with parsley and spices to create this red meat delicacy. Hummus is another delicious appetizer that has spread across the world, the chickpea paste infused with garlic and spices has become a popular appetizer in the West. Lebanese salad dishes are notorious for their vibrant colours; Fattoush and Tabouleh are certainly honorable mentions with their raw, all-green panache. The Lebanese rendition of a pizza, Manakish is anything but lacking in flavor. Flatbread garnished in all things good such as: sesame seeds, thyme and olive oil creates a burst of flavors for the taste buds. Popular additions to Manakish can include ground meat or cheese/labneh. Due to the simplicity of the dish, it can be eaten anytime of the day whether breakfast, lunch or dinner.

If you’re looking for popular Lebanese restaurants in abu dhabi to try out or simply order it right to your door, you can check out Storat’s listings of available Lebanese restaurants and food. With numerous options to choose from, including delicious kid’s meals, there is something for everyone in the family. Not only will we give you a variety of options to choose from, but we will also give you all the details on the restaurant or dish you’re looking into, from the restaurants location to ingredients of the dishes and contact information for your booking or order.

You can also browse specific Lebanese bistros in Abu Dhabi close to you by using our filtering options to map out exactly what you’re looking for. Abu Dhabi hosts a variety of different restaurants near the cornice beach, as well as Al Khalidiyah, Al Bateen, and Al Manhal districts. Once you’ve found your desired choice, you’re ready to place an order or book a reservation and hit the town.

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