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Language training centre, Trainings for International examinations like IELTS, TOEFL & ICDL

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Future Institute for Training & Languages is well known for providing quality education and dedicated services to cater to the development of our students. We are one of the few local institutions that provide educational services that caters to both, government and private sector requirements by using the latest technology.

Our management is known to oversee the need to invest in human capital and realizes the importance of the human element in contributing effectively to the wheel of development and progress for the country. Future Institute provides the ideal atmosphere for any student to reach their maximum potential through excellent programs with the aim of gaining the trainees' satisfaction and trust.

Our Vision:

• To be an outstanding institute at the global level, serving in the areas of training and education in the government and private sectors, which perform through exceptional training and educational services delivery.

Our Mission:

• Work effectively toward career and skill development and
increase knowledge.
• Take advantage of educational and training entities.
• Provide the government and the private labour market with qualified staff.
• Provide a high-quality learning environment that combines theoretical and practical elements while serving the strategic goals of the institute.


East 8 near Lulu Hypermarket, Baniyas, Abu Dhabi, UAE,Abu Dhabi City,Abu Dhabi,UAE

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